Arabian Chess in the Early Middle Ages

by Akim

On this page I'd like to present chess in Arabia and Persia in the early middle ages, its original rules and my interpretation of the according chess pieces.

Chess board an pieces

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"Die frühe Schachfigur: Spielelement und Kunstobjekt" (

"Geschichte des Schachspiels" ( - page does not exist anymore)

These pages give a far more detailed description in the beginnings and the development of chess and its pieces. In German, but highly recommended!

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Rukh / Rook Rukh / Rook Rukh / Rook Rukh / Rook Faras / Knight Faras / Knight Faras / Knight Faras / Knight Fil / Bishop Fil / Bishop Fil / Bishop Fil / Bishop Firzan / Queen Firzan / Queen Shah / King Shah / King Baidaq / Pawn Baidaq / Pawn The Chess Board
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