We rummaged through our old photo albums, and woe! We found many things - at least some of our members (and sorted them chronologically). Not recommended for imitation!

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In elementary school ...

...Akim as 'knight' ...Akim as 'knight'

... infected by the Kaltenberg virus (iiiaaaaaarrgh !!!) ...

Akim kneeling with sword, Hollywood style The barbarian ready to attack

... back in black ...

Akim duelling in black garb Akim duelling in black garb

... after black comes white ...

Akim like a thinker Ready to fight with dagger

.. such a drunk arab is (luckily) a rare sight ...

Akim, high and drunk on spice punch, and Brenna with accordingly worried look

... the situation in 2004 ...

...now in blue and red

... getting older doesn't mean getting wiser ;)

Ready for Halloween

Akim 2005

Still blue and red with new trousers and boots


"We start with the swimwear presentation", or: "I was young and wanted to finish the film" ...

No comment ;-)

... Would have liked it better without the screws attaching it to the wall ...

Brenna with spear, in a castle while on holiday in France

... what the guys at Hollywood can do ...

Posing with Sword and Axe Duel with Akim

... 2003 with "Drachenschergen" coat of arms ...

Brenna in coat of arms

... and the 2004 season.

With linen dress and apron dress (yet without brooches) ditto, side view

That's what it looked like in 2005.

With new red woolen dress


Our companion on the Timeline 2005

little Krah climbing Lena's legs, while she conveniently lay on the grass

Bathing in snow in early 2006

Krah in snow, almost grown up
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