Tablet Weaving

This page contains only pictures of Brennas weaving work so far.

Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

First attempts

Brenna's first try at tablet weaving. Cotton, 19th century pattern. The second picture shows the back side.

Tablet woven band, coiled Back side of the band

Tablet woven guitar strap

Brenna's try No. 2 at tablet weaving. Meant to serve as a guitar strap (or however this is correctly called) for Brenna's dad's electric guitar, or to be sewn onto one. Material: silk, weave: double face, inspired by oriental patterns (period unknown to me, but i guess these are modern patterns), letters created on my own.

The strap as a whole, folded in the middle Guitar strap, detail: vine Guitar strap, detail: bird and diamond
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