On this page we show you some of our handicrafts, most of which we made for our reenactment hobby.

Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Metal Works

Akim's first dagger

From the very beginnings ;-)... Blade ground from an old file. Also details of the sheath mountings; chased silver

Dragon engraving on the blade Dagger from both sides Dagger in sheath sheath mounting sheath mounting


Akim's second try at forging a knife (we won't show you the pictures of no. 1 though :-)

Knife Knife, diagonal view

Brenna's knife with sheath

The third knife from Akim's forge.

Blade, yet without handle Knife in sheath Knife in sheath, other side Knife and sheath Knife and sheath, other side

Akim's dagger

Knife no. 4; blade based on a finding from Nishapur, Persia.

Dagger in sheath Dagger and sheath Dagger and sheath, diagonal view Dagger in sheath, diagonal view

Brass sewing needles

An experiment

Single needle Some needles

Brass tweezers and toothpick

Roughly based on viking examples. Akim didn't have the tool for makin an ear spoon yet...

tweezers and toothpick on a wire ring

Small brass fibulae

A try

Single fibula for fixing leg bandages Pair of fibulae

Chains and fastening hook, brass

Binding and form of hook based on viking findings.

Single pieces of chain link and fastening Chain with bone pendant and fastening


Hand forged iron


Folding scales

made of brass

Folding scales, on table Folding scales, hanging Folding scales, folded

Incense bowl

Brass. Own design.

Incense bowl


Brass. Private order

Crespinette, front view Crespinette, side view Crespinette in use Crespinette in use

Carving and Carpentry

Small table and "Lund" stool

Based on a table finding from Sala Hytta (Västmanland, Sweden; 10. century) and a stool finging from Lund (Sweden; 11. century).

Small table Lund stool

Leather Works


Result of trying how to make leather chasings. However, more suitable to home use than for reenactment ;-)

Barrette with celtic pattern Barrette with vine pattern Barrette with pattern from a tattoo pattern book

Water bottle

Own design. Vegetable tanned bovine leather, hardened with beeswax.

Water bottle, side view Water bottle, diagonal view

Water bottle

Form based on picture in Codex Manesse.

Manesse bottle, side view Manesse bottle, side view

Braided ornament

Experiment; metal foil (rolled, silver plated copper wire) on leather

Braided ornament


Our first ones... no turnshoes, with rubber soles glued on.

Boots, front view Boots, side view


Also no turnshoes and with rubber soles.

Shoes, front view Shoes, side view

Khuff boots

As Akim found out, rather popular boots in Persia, also known as "leather stockings"; turnshoes with leather soles, naturally tanned bovine leather.

Khuff boots, front view Khuff boots, side view

Other stuff

Bead necklaces

Glass and bone beads and amber (all bought ;-); designed by Brenna, hooks by Akim.

Necklace made of amber, bone and glass beads with brass hooks Necklace made of coloured glass beads Necklace made of bone and glass beads, in blue, green and white, with silver hook
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